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Project Description

In the present age, tiny homes are becoming popular with many people striving for a minimalist lifestyle. The Solar Hearth Tiny Home is based on the quote from Frank Lloyd Wright, "The fireplace is the heart of the home itself”.Conceptually, the Solar Hearth Tiny Home is designed around two program spaces- the public area ( living and dining area) and the private areas (sleeping areas, restroom, and a recreational / reading room). Visualizing these twospaces as extruded volumes the Solar Hearth carves / pulls away space for passive solar strategies. The Solar Hearth is composed of a window wall that is designed around different orientations of the sun throughout the year, inNew Brunswick Canada. This element takes in as much natural light as possible during the daylight hours, while collecting heat during the cold months of the year. The Solar Hearth also deflects sunlight during the warmer Summermonths.Walking into the main entry, the users are welcomed by a large operable entry into the living area and kitchen. Continuing through, the bathroom is centered in the plan and adjacent to the master bedroom, working your way up tothe lofted area there is a reading / recreation area for some privacy as well as a shared bedroom. Each side of the home is covered by a wood shading system that covers small patios to the East and West. Operable shaded windowsare on the south-side to give users a choice of more light or diffused light. The materiality of the home is consistent with other tiny homes, typical balloon framing, exterior finishings, waterproofing, as well as a composite woodfacade that is locally sourced. The interior is derived of radiant flooring as well as a laminate vinyl floor. Drywall covers the interior of the space to give a clean modern appearance. The roof is equipped with solar cells that helpgenerate energy to power interior fixtures and appliances.The home will be prefabricated off site then lifted up on a semi truck and trailer to be delivered to the site for the final assembly. The sustainability factor within the house is maintained through energy star standards, the heatingsystems are selectively powered by PV systems, radiant heating and cooling is conducted through the floor, natural ventilation through passive strategies, and all the construction facilitate green practices thoroughly.In closing, the concept for the house is all based around suitability and livability- giving the users the comfort of living in a tiny home while respecting its individual spaces. Solar Hearth Tiny Home is one of a kind, taking on contemporaryand progressive aspects of architecture and allowing for sustainability to be the major focal point to the project.

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