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Project Description

Currently starting construction, to be finished Spring of 2018, Gables is the winning entry for a call of designs apart of the Grant Wood Scenic Byway Corridor. When built, its location will be in a small town of Maquoketa, Iowa, USA.


The concept of Gables, is based on small towns’ residents; as it is composed of a bountiful amount of personality from many different backgrounds and households- but as diverse as each individual is- every resident resides under the same roof of community.


The proposal’s twisted fluid form creates an atmosphere inside and out for people to cherish and experience through very discrete and simple systems. Materials used are locally sourced 2x4’s that are assembled together and cut on site to create the form. Programmatically, the form is generated around people- the entrance opens up to show the icon of the home, then people are compressed to its center core where light is dappled to the ground, perfect for private events, meditation, and yoga, the space then becomes miniature for people to seclude themselves for privacy and contempt. The exterior creates a changing moiré effect for the passerby. The North side is low to the ground to create a seating area for concerts or a projected movie night, along the neighboring building.


The small town’s, Maquoketa, IA, nickname is “Timber City” inspired the material palette for the proposal. Looking to vernacular wood frame construction as the primary system, the project takes on a role of advancement to the centuries old technique. Conceptually, a singular gable creates an iconic symbol of home and when integrated with others gables its creates a three dimensional shelter. Adding more gabled systems creates a dynamic ever changing object for the green space. The project is currently being built with 160+ pages of shop drawings as well as using the smart phone app Sketchfab for coordination between the members.


When built Gables will create a visually appealing space that encourages interaction and a place of gathering. Creating a symbol and icon of community that acknowledges the people of Maquoketa.

Project location:

Maquoketa Green Space, 137 S. Main St. Maquoketa, IA 52060      

Completion Year: 2018

Gross Built Area: 600 Square Feet


Lead Architect: Daniel Caven

Consultants: Ryan Koehn, Chicago, IL

Contractor: Schueller & Sons Reconstruction, Maquoketa, IA

Client: Maquoketa Byway Public Art Project-Grant Wood Scenic Byway Corridor Byways of Iowa Foundation and Northeast Iowa RC&D


Byways of Iowa Foundation

City of Maquoketa

Grant Wood Loop

Grant Wood Scenic Byway

Iowa Byways

Iowa Dept. of Cultural Affairs

Jackson Co. Community Foundation

Maquoketa Art Experience

Maquoketa Chamber of Commerce

Northeast Iowa RC&D

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