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Project Description

7004 House, is based on using natural materials as structural components—the 7004 House is an open air wine house (3 seasons pavilion). Literally taking root, the site is located in the Midwest, overlooking a private client’s vineyard. 

The creation of the house incorporates autonomous natural objects as primitive growths within oriented patterns, allowing nature to overtake structural molds. These molds were based around generations and iterations of natural tree structures, transformed to structural flow lines for the shell and floors of the house (allowing for overgrowth to the structures).

The use of trees and plants for structural behavior systems creates new dialogues between ecology and architecture. Tectonically, the wine house is constructed of a semi-permeable fiberglass shell and structural molds braced in-between. Through a two– to three-year process, a bundle of trees are molded and grown under the shell to create a union of the shell and tree. The shell, although static, grows with this tree bundle, lifting and creating a core to this shell. Using low-density fiberglass, the plants are able to push the shell and manipulate it as it grows, aggregating itself in a new way of passive structure. This new architecture takes on motives toward a transformation of the autonomy of trees within ecology. The 7004 House is the first iteration of an ongoing project that will eventually take form in an autonomy of natural materials used for architecture.

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